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Installing a Panic Alarm at Work Just Got a Whole Lot Cheaper

Banks and jewelers have used them for many years but the average Panic Alarm system has traditionally been too expensive for the greater business world.

At Clinilink Systems one of our core focus areas has always been to make our technology available to businesses of all sizes. We believe that the cost of our product should never stand in the way of your ability to provide your employees a safe working environment.

new lower pricing for alertkey panic alarm

Hard-wired panic button and duress alarm systems that require the purchase of additional hardware can end up costing your business thousands of dollars to set up and maintain. Alertkey Panic Alarm intelligently uses your workplace computer network to send duress alerts to your colleagues as a call for help. Your computer keyboard becomes the Panic Button and you can send instant alerts to other computers in your network, helping you to quickly protect your staff and clients when someone becomes aggressive.

With the introduction of our new subscription plans, we're very proud to be able offer Alertkey Panic Alarm software at a significantly lower price than before!

Alertkey subscription plans start at AUD $5.95 per device per month, or AUD $495 per year for up to 25 devices.

subscription plans start at 5.95 per device per month

Learn more about how Alertkey can help your business to meet its safety obligations at

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