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How Alertkey Works

Alertkey Panic Alarm® is simple to install and configure, and operates over your existing computer network.

INSTALLalertkey panic alarm gear

Install Alertkey Panic Alarm on all your PCs and Laptops.

CONNECTalertkey panic alarm gear

Alertkey automatically connects to all Alertkey enabled devices on your network.

SIGNALalertkey panic alarm gear

An employee in need of help activates a discreet signal.

ALERTalertkey panic alarm gear

An alert is instantly displayed on Alertkey enabled devices.

David's Office

David sends a discreet call for help with a simple, customizable keyboard stroke.

Alertkey Panic Alarm sending duress alert

Alert Sent Instantly

Alertkey Panic Alarm instantly sends a duress alert to each of the computers in David's office network.

Alertkey Panic Alarm network receiving duress alert

David's Colleagues Respond

An emergency panic alert is displayed on each of David's colleagues' computers, who can then respond to the emergency immediately.

Alertkey Panic Alarm duress alert display

Custom Alert Levels

Not all situations require the same response.
Use different keystrokes to indicate different levels of severity.

Alertkey Panic Alarm duress alert severity levels

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